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Hrach Beglaryan

Homeland – it is not only Yerevan. Homeland – it is first of all the cross-border and mountain village, the farmer, who does not bend his back neither before difficulties, nor before the bullet of a Turk, and due to him our borders are strong and impregnable. Standing on the reference point soldier knows well that there is nowhere to retreat. Where to retreat? Behind his back are his family, his village, his native land.

… I think, why the Turks did not respond to the call of their leader? What is that, they do not love their country? Hardly…

Simply, they subconsciously understand that this land is not theirs, their grandparents did not pour blood and sweat for this land … And in Karabakh every stone and bush calls, shouts, whispers, that’s all – Armenian. Starting from the caves of Azokh to Amaras and Gandsasar – all these speak Armenian.

… But now I want to talk about the danger threatening our boundary, i.e. each of us. Every Armenian, in Australia and Los Angeles to Yerevan is very well aware that in front of this danger we have to unite into a fist. If we do not do that, we’ll not save the nation, we’ll lose this little part of our historic homeland – the Republic of Armenia, and we ourselves will disappear. I do not want to make a historical review and give examples on how leaving his homeland after two generations they are unable to maintain their form – the Armenianness.

It would be good to sign a truce, to live in peace and friendship with our neighbors, but I think, for the foreseeable future, this is impossible. I am not a pessimist, just I dealt a little with the history and I’m sure – the Turk in all cases is a Turk. Therefore, even in peacetime, the Armenian has no right to forget about the weapon.

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