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The bus is racing to Yerevan. Besides students, accompanying them their parents, tourists, there are also soldiers, encouraged with additional holiday, who are going to the capital. They are accompanied with battalion deputy head. They actively talk about everything. Passengers intervene, ask about the situation on the border, about the food … And then suddenly it turns out that today is the birthday of senior sergeant Khachatur Avetisyan, it is his 20th anniversary.

All start to congratulate him, and the mini-bus’s driver finds from somewhere the song “Happy Birthday” and switches it on at full capacity.

-Khachatur, you’ll never forget this birthday, isn’t it? – asks his commander.

– That’s right, Mr.Major! – replies the soldier and smiles shyly.

Our reporter took a picture of a soldier and on arrival in the capital published on “Hay Zinvor’s” FB-page congratulatory inscription. The responses were immediate: 4367 visits, 247 likes, dozens of comments.

Indeed, unity – is a powerful force. The Armenian loves his soldier, his army, his homeland. But we must love each other and unite not only in hard and difficult days, but every moment, every single day …

“Hay Zinvor”

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