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These days warriors-liberators of NKR Hadrout, Martakert, Berdzor regions have formed volunteer groups and left for the front line to inspire, give moral support to the soldier, to be useful with their experience and advice.

– Warriors-liberators are from the villages of Arakel, Togh, Tagher as well as from other villages, they have excellent command of all military affairs and are ready to be near the soldier day and night, – says Hadrout district’s administration head Valeriy Gevorgyan.

Almost 300 warriors-liberators from Martakert district went to various regiments of the front line, among them – former commanders. As group head Artoush Mkhitaryan mentioned, these men are those who liberated Martakert district during the Artsakh war, and they are very good in tactical methods. He assured that they would remain in positions as long as necessary, and ensure safety of borders with servicemen.

NKR Prime-Minister’s press secretary Artak Beglaryan wrote about the volunteers’ group of Berdzor: “More than 100 volunteers from Berdzor went to the border to be together with the soldiers. Though from the military point of view there is no need for that, however from the moral-psychological point of view Berdzor people made a very good step. Both the soldier and the society will feel psychological support!”

Artsakh Republic Prime-Minister Ara Haroutyunyan also visited combat positions and spent the night there. He walked dozens of combat points, talked to the servicemen and volunteers. A.Haroutyunyan is confident: all are in fighting spirit, they stand firmly on the positions of protection of Artsakh.

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