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Gor Arevshatyan
Student of Yerevan state humanitarian college

I’ve heard many stories about service in the army and I know – life on the border is not so peaceful. I know that soldiers start their day on the border with prayer and end it also with it. I know that pressed to their breasts weapons at any time can fire. I haven’t served yet but I’m already mentally ready for it. Who said that Homeland’s defense is an easy work? Of course, there are difficulties but each one should overcome them with honor. Our Homeland needs people like me. I do not recognize those people, who think that during service they lose the best years of their life, since each of us should realize – the Homeland needs us in this hard period and we are obliged to lend her a helping hand, i.e. to our fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers.

Category: #31 (1049) 14.08.2014 – 20.08.2014, Army and Society, Spotlight