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We, Council of “Midia-Shangal” national NGO, its members and living in Armenia Yezids, express our condolences to relatives of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the heroic battles of the last days with Azeri subversive groups and bow to their graves. Thank God, our army successfully completed the tasks put before, and our glorious soldiers showed examples of devotion and loyalty, courage and bravery! We would like to assure that we are always with our soldier and consider our honour to be with him till the end. When there is danger for common interests, Yezids say: “Vay lemen pesht!” We will stand in support of our army so that it can withstand every despicable trick of the enemy. Let’s protect our home, our fortress, our army, our soldier! Nobody has the right to enter our home “with sword”. Anyone can come to our house, but only according to our will, as a guest, as friend.

We declare our readiness to support the army in the implementation of any patriotic endeavor.

Glory to our army!

Hasan Hasanyan, Spiritual leader of Yezids of Armenia
Hamo Sharoyan, Head of “Midia-Shangal” NGO Council

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