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On August 6, RA Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan met with representatives of the republican mass media in the administrative building of the RA MoD. Below are excerpts from his speech.

-Dear compatriots,
During last week the enemy, overestimating their strength, attempted a few attacks by subversive groups of special units in the direction of the Armenian positions. Armed forces of Azerbaijan continue their intrusions in the positions of the Armenian forces and implement sabotage, as well as the bombing of our front positions and peaceful settlements from weapons of different caliber.

With deep sorrow I’d like to state that we have human losses. We should not lose our vigilance, don’t forget that till now we live in the ceasefire regime… For the last few days our sub-units prevented several dozens of enemy sabotage, which are naturally made by specially trained units.

This behavior of the enemy also caused concern of the world community. As you know, from the first day, statements were made by the US State Department, the American co-chair of the Minsk Group, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the OSCE, the UN Secretary General.

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