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Servicemen of the regiment under the command of Lt. Colonel S.Ghukasyan are very serious about their service. They are deeply aware that they are required not to relax, be careful and not to exclude the possibility of sabotage.

In recent days, due to engineering works in the strongholds the number of soldiers increased. Soldiers of engineering sapper company, after performing their daily tasks, are also involved in the alert.

Tells soldier Narek Sargsyan.

– It is always difficult in the beginning of the service. And when in the course of time you physically temper, adapt to life in the regiment, with new friends, everything becomes much easier. For 6 months of service I learned all the nuances of combat duty, and when for the first time I went to the position, it seemed to me that I’ve been here before, in the mountains there is something familiar. I never had the feeling of fear. Most importantly, I felt what a martial partnership actually means.

Tells the squad leader, Junior Sergeant Vardan Makhmuryan.

– Here our position is favorable, the enemy is under our sight, and keeps a low profile, but we are vigilant, as the enemy can use a trick, create a trap.

Vartan also commended colleagues of his squad – Hayk Arakelyan, Arsen Bejanyan, Alik Avetisyan, Edmon Melkonyan.

Aram Nersisyan, Lt. Colonel

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