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Recently our photographer Areg Vardanyan was sent to one of the south-western regiments. Face of one of the soldiers seemed him familiar. It was soldier Rustam Greyan, whose picture Areg took six months ago in the assembly point. Now he’s grown up, he held machine in his hands confidently.

At parting the soldier asked:

– If you decide to publish my photo, please write under it: «Good morning, Armenians! We firmly stand on the border, and nobody, no any force can violate your peace. Soldier Rustam Greyan, soth-western regiment”.

We did everything what the soldier had asked… We published sincerely smiling soldier’s photo and his words…

And just the next day, as we say, the Facebook exploded: 428 likes, 30 shares, 22 thousand views, several dozen comments.

Arpi Haroutyunyan wrote: «You are our protectors, and God will protect you». Jemma Aghabekyan: «Any difficulty can be overcome if only you were solid and sound on the border, son “;

Maria Davtyan: «The most beautiful thing in the world is soldier’s smile, I am proud of you!».

A soldier by the name Armen who most probably was on a vacation, assured: «South-eastern side is also firm».

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