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When the military educational institutions started to function in our country and provide the army with officers- specialists, military departments were abolished in the institutes, however one of them – in the Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute, remained and continues to prepare military specialists both for schools and for the army.

Head of Department Colonel Karapet Hovanisyan tells:

– After the collapse of the USSR for a while work of the department has been discontinued, however in 1994 it resumed work. Now the Department is in the Faculty of basic military training and physical training. On the decision no.127 of 1997 of the RA Government only males who underwent compulsory military service were allowed to the entrance exams of the department. Since 2006 high school graduates are also permitted to the admission examinations, and since 1999 females are also allowed.

The teachers are experienced militarymen from military units, Ministry of Defense, AF General Staff, from other military schools. Training program which is confirmed jointly by the Defense Ministry and Ministry of education and science, is a program of educational institution, i.e. students pass all the subjects, but in greater depth – military items (by specialty).

Our graduates get qualification of a teacher of basic military training and physical training of secondary, post-secondary educational institutions, and those who passed the state examination in subjects “Tactics” and “Firing practice” get also qualification of a motorized infantry platoon commander and they are given the title of “lieutenant in the reserve”. By the way this title is given only to those who served in the army.


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