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A few days ago RA President Serge Sargsyan replying to the question of a journalist about the Football Championship, said: “The word “rooting” I can use only when it comes to the Armenian team. In short, I root for the Armenian team”.

To love, it does not mean to view from the side. For S. Sargsyan it means immediate and direct participation, concernment and action followed after that. He can not be just an observer. He is in direct action, both in the battlefield and in state construction.

He speaks, criticizes, directs with surprising calm, and sometimes it seems as lack of determination.

“For me, a sense of gratitude or generosity are too personal questions. However too much generosity, forgiveness can put a crimp in every case, especially – leadership”.

For example, Armenia signed Armenian-Turkish protocols, however, on the president’s words, “each step with Turkey cannot question our active activity in the direction of international recognition and condemnation of the Genocide”. Turkey continues its policy of denial, nevertheless the President of Armenia refers to the outgoing president of Turkey, assessing Gyul as a broad-minded politician who is well aware of his country’s real interest. Regardless of the different opinions, life has shown that the hit of RA was so strong that the ball is still in the field of Turkey. Moreover, the Armenian President invited the Turkish President to Armenia on the 100th anniversary of the Genocide.

In this context one should take the words of S.Sargsyan: “Addressing to my critics, please, do not protect me from Artsakh. That is not only insulting but absurd”.

“On my 60-th anniversary I can’t say that all my wishes have fulfilled, that’s why I would wait for my next jubilee, 65th anniversary, which I’d like to meet with already free Artsakh, confirmed peace, rapidly developing Armenia and such as rapid immigration”.


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