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Interview with candidate if historical sciences, Turkologist Hakob Chaqryan.

– In Turkey, the elections to the local governments were held. Erdoghan’s party won, getting 45% of the votes. Without reference to corruption, his party’s positions are stable. Erdoghan’s electorate is not interested in human rights, democracy, stable state and similar values. This comes from his electorates’ low level of education. How would Erdogan be accused of violating human rights, they are interested only in the following – that Prophet Mohammad’s lessons and headscarf introduced in schools.

– In August presidential elections will be held in Turkey. What do you think, Erdoghan would be able to keep his job?

– Yes, for the first time the people would elect a president. I think he’ll be elected, since he has no rival.

– What would you say about Russian-Turkish relations?

– Of course, Turkey can’t approve accession of Crimea, however Russia is not that country with which Turks will not be considered. 67% of imported to Turkey gas is from Russia. Russia is also a big market for Turkish vegetables.

-Let’s talk a little about the tension on Nakhijevan border on June 5th. What is the aim of creating tension on the Armenian border?

– Turkey’s policy towards Armenia is hostile. And this policy is being conducted since the first day of independence. For the last 23 years the only hostile step which Turkey hasn’t done – is the military attack. But this step it couldn’t make because, according to agreement, we defend our borders together with Russia.

– Will Turkey become a regional power?

– To become a power some preconditions are necessary. Firstly, in the region you must be a leader-country and other countries of the region should be considered with that role. There are mostly Arabic countries in the region which can’t tolerate the leading role of Turkey, they don’t perceive Turkey as a leader.

Secondly, in the main countries of the region – Israel, Syria, Egypt – Turkey has no embassies. Thirdly, Turkey has brought forward the idea of neo-osmanism, and in the Arabic countries the memories about Ottoman rule are still alive.

– After the Eurasian Economic Council’s Supreme Council’s meeting, on the basis of Turkic States Cooperation Council’s 4th summit’s results, N.Nazarbayev stated: “EEC is open also for other countries, for example, Turkey and other countries in future could become associate members. How realistic is that?

– Erdoghan has made a few statements that they have to refuse from the European Union, but that is not realistic. Nazarbayev has only made a gesture. The West has strong resistance to EEC, and Turkey, besides being the West’s ally, is also a NATO member. In case if Turkey enters EEC, it must refuse from NATO.


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