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Everybody knows how important the rear is for the armed forces. Starting with clothing and food allowances for military personnel, different kinds of material support up to providing military equipment with fuel, all these are implemented by AF Logistics Department

Department Head Colonel N.Yolchyan tells:

– Logistic support is carried out in accordance with approved standards of government decisions, Minister’s orders and other managing documents. We continuously work towards improving food of servicemen, i.e. each year when during year- lanning we try to increase servicemen’s portion of food in such level which is essential for healthy and developing organism, bearing in mind also soldier’s load during the service, including combat duty.

Soldier gets also high quality bread. We constantly carry out checks in organizations that deliver bread. Soldiers serving in positions will get cheese spread of high quality as well as butter in new packaging.
Ware maintenance of militarymen Logistics Department implements at 100%, which provides assurance standards.
Servicemen’s logistics support is at the center of daily care and attention.


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