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Captain Igor Balasyan was born in 1985 in the capital of NKR Stepanakert. He is the commander of rifle company under the command of Colonel G.Tevosyan. Igor’s desire was to continue his artillerist-father’s – Roman Balasyan’s – work (posthumously awarded the Medal of NKR “For Courage”).

– My company was recognized as the best in the composition of a military unit on the results of 2013. I think it as a big achievement, since the competition is rather serious – there are many companies having a high level of combat readiness and military discipline. During the reporting period, we conducted three military exercises: 2 were scheduled and 1- out of schedule – and showed fairly good results. Successfully passed the final exams of the first training phase and of the end of the year.

-As a commander, I am satisfied with the educational process. Fire, tactical and special trainings show that the company’s preparation is in good condition, and it can do what is meant for.

In the beginning of the educational year the Defence Minister put before the servicemen the task to work with commanders of companies, batteries and help them, explaining that those units are the most important and this is where interpersonal relationships are formed. I organize my work to identify and prevent harmful phenomena, that relationships do not strain but conversely enter in a normal, human mainstream, that guys know each other well and become close.

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