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Interview of correspondent Arminej Narinyan with Isak Yunanesyan (abridged)

– Recently Iran – West convergence is seen. What do you think, what impact this may have on the activity of Hay Dat (Armenian Question), on Karabakh issue?

– For example, the visit of EU High Commissioner Catherine Ashton to Iran, her visit of the Armenian Church and Genocide Museum in Isfahan spawned a great wave of protest in Iran’s Azeri-populated regions. However, I think, this is a sign which shows that Iran is with us.

… Here is the factor of Azeris, religion also plays a role. I should mention again that for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide a suitable moment is needed. Last year on April 24th we organized a function, dedicated to the Armenian Genocide, for the Iranian parliamentarians and politicians. Iranian Parliament’s Deputy Chairman in his speech used the word «genocide» three times, mentioning that Turkey committed genocide against Armenians. One of the assistants to the new President, who is dealing with national minorities of Iran, recently in his speech mentioned that today Turkey commits the same genocide in Syria, like 100 years ago – against Armenians.

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