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Recently the book of Israeli scientist, historian, Sorbonne University Doctor, Professor of Israel Open University Yair Auron “Unacceptable indifference” had been presented to the Armenian book-readers. The author tries to find out the attitude of Jews towards the mass extermination of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. In the book he tries to recreate on scientific basis the historical truth about tragic events of a century ago with the greatest accuracy.

Being a Jew, Yair Auron condemns the Jewish people, especially the Israeli government for non-recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, saying that otherwise there would be no Holocaust of the Jews: “Not recognizing, not condemning genocide of other nations, we belittle the Holocaust… We must also respect the memory of other nations, we must advance the discussion of the Armenian Genocide on a parliament level. We, the Israelis, had to recognize this Genocide the first…”

Emphasizing the peculiarity of the Holocaust, the author expresses his opinion that there is a need to compare it with genocides against other peoples.

In this big volume the author gives thorough information on the origin of Armenian people, the role which it played.

Hasmik Madoyan, Major

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