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Siblings Arthur and Karen Grigoryans serve in different regiments. 9 months haven’t seen each other. Recently they have met. On the occasion of the women’s month Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan made a surprise to their mother – Mrs.Gayaneh, giving a promotional holiday to her sons. I also decided to go and participate in their joy.

– When we sent them to the army, – tells Mrs.Gayaneh, – we were confident that they’ll serve well, properly. They are very friendly, and we knew that if necessary, they’ll lend a helping hand to a colleague. They will never offend, be rude to others… So we brought them up. Karen will be demobilized after 4 months, Arthur serves only 8 months. They haven’t changed, they are the same kind, caring, a little sensitive boys… They lost weight a little, or maybe it seems to me?

– When we accompanied Karen, – tells their father Mher, – Arthur was upset, he wanted to be recruited with his brother, he even wrote an application. He was a student, he graduated, only after that he was called-up. When I saw them off, I told them – you must serve as men, and always remember that we wait for you at home. We are parents, we worry, especially for Karen, he serves under the nose of the enemy.


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