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Journalist Gnel Shaghapyan talks with “Youth Will” NGO head Anna Grigoryan

– One of the primary objectives of the organization is protection of the right of youth to live free, secure, safely and adequately, to participate in creating of a legal, social state. In this direction the organization has implemented many programs, functions, actions, participated in local and international seminars, discussions, as well as TV-programs. We give assistance also to many young people and their family members in resolving of legal, educational, social, health issues. Our main aim is to give the young generation military-patriotic and national education.

Each member of our organization and people close to the organization treat the Armenian army with particular respect. Armenian officer and soldier-Homeland defender are high values for us. Today it is very important that the organizations dealing with youth cooperate with respective army structures. I am confident that our youth must become a link between the army and society.

– Why many mothers today send their sons to the army with apprehension?

– You know, the army is a “breathing” structure, and it is natural that certain problems can be there. Only not working structure has no problems. And if there are apprehensions, basically they are linked with soldier-soldier and officer-soldier relationships. Like the army, this year we have also included Defense Minister’s 2014 message in our program, really, a united fight is needed against street manners.

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