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Towards the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Turkey again showed its real, Armenophobic face, this time in Syria. Using the extremely tense situation around Ukraine, Ankara tried to force its own settlement of the Syrian conflict, as well as deal a serious blow to the Syrian Armenians.

In 1915 Kesab population was exiled in two directions: To the desert of Dehr-Zor and to the south, till Jordan. Thousands of Kesabians perished on the way.

During the whole civil war in Syria the Kesab Armenians were ready for self-defense, however they didn’t expect attack from the Turkish border, at that planned, destroying and hard. On March 21st Turkish frontier guards opened barbed wire for extremist groups, and the city was attacked and robbed. Almost 2000 inhabitants of Kesab left for Libya and Syria’s neighbouring regions.

Official Ankara tries to direct the situation to a favourable direction for itself and reset fault on President of Syria Bashar Asad. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry refutes the information that Turkey supports the anti-governmental forces of Syria and allows from its territory to attack neighbouring Syrian settlements.

It is evident that the extremists’ attack on Kesab either was planned by or agreed with Ankara.
Ankara is still inspired with the idea to recover The Ottoman Empire and tries to have new territorial acquisitions. Besides, Kesab is the last stronghold of the Turkish-Syrian border, which is still under the control of the Syrian governmental forces, and in strategic point has an important position to the Mediterranean Sea.

So, Turkey prepares for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and takes adventurous steps.


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