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Interview with specialist of Georgia, Doctor-Professor Hayrapet Margaryan

– Mr.Margaryan, the recent developments in neighbouring Georgia probably were exceptional in the whole post-Soviet territory. As a result what the Georgian people have got? What has been changed in the life of this country?

– You gave a very good characteristic – exceptional. In fact, almost in all the post-Soviet countries more or less authoritarian regimes have been established, since there are no democratic traditions. Georgia (if we exclude Baltic states) during Michael Sahakashvili’s reign got the role of a leader in case of development. It appeared that Georgia has become the stronghold of democracy, got huge resources. Everything was formidable in the lower level – corruption, local authorities’ self-will were eliminated, however in-depth changes didn’t take place. Law enforcement agencies turned into a punitive body.

Before that foreign investments served for the capital’s improvement, modernization of resorts, banking system, but they didn’t touch village people. Today the situation hasn’t changed as well, since these billions are not given to the people. Georgia waits for something.

It seems that the Georgian direction is not interesting any more for the Western two main forces – EU and USA. NATO membership for Georgia – it is not an issue of near future. The West is not hurrying to make Georgia the member of the Western family.

Now there is a generation of young and talented politicians in Georgia who, in their 25-30s have already high posts. Georgia is the only country in South Caucasus where political activity has become a profession.

New faces are born in Georgia. So, political developments of the neighbouring country are very instructive.


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