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Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan declared the year of 2014 as year of struggle against street perverse morals. In his New Year Message the Minister mentions that the Armenian is a peaceful, generous man, and it is essential to identify these qualities at home, in the school, universities, in the army and struggle against street perverse morals.
But how to struggle with it at school, how to educate tolerance?
About these we talked with school teachers.

Colonel, military instructor, school no. 60

– I can say one thing. Today children need attention, especially father’s attention and care. However boy’s upbringing basically lies on mother’s shoulders. How can a full child grow in such conditions. Moreover, today the kid is very busy, he tries to meet the requirements of his parents: get high marks, go for sports, music. Very often his interests are not taken into consideration – what he wants, what he likes, what he seeks for? As a result inferiority complex is formed, which is very dangerous, especially in the collectivity.

Captain, military instructor, school no. 4

– Today our work has become very complicated because the society, TV, ads, Internet propagate violence, hatred. No word about real values. In these conditions our work doesn’t give expected results. Today both the school and the family should help kids to get oriented and step on a correct path. However the best education is our own example. Parent’s example at home, teacher’s example at school.

Director of school no. 124

– School is an important element in the struggle against street morals. Why? Because the school, besides knowledge, helps kids to shape own position and point of view, educates to behave correctly, clearly defines – what is good and what is bad. The school is developing a sense of identity, not the army, which is the place to prepare a soldier.


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