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On the invitation of “Free Mind Centre of Ankara” and “Western Armenians National Congress” RA NA Member Aragats Akhoyan together with many Turk intellectuals and politicians participated in the forum “Commemoration to Hrant Dink’s Massacre”.

– “Western Armenians National Congress” was created in December 2011. It unites the successors of Western Armenians who lost their Homeland and raises questions of restoration of their rights, implements national-cultural functions on the territory of the Western Armenia where today 4mln Armenians live incognito.

A group of lawyers of the Congress explore the international experience and searches for ways to start trials just in Turkey. It is essential to restore civil rights of our compatriots just on the territory of the historical homeland and, why not, to raise the repatriation question.

Among the Turkish intellectuals there is a part which understands that Turkey is not able any more to endure this load of enmity and hatred.

The Forum adopted declaration “Proposals on recognition, confirmation of 1915 genocide and saving Turkey’s society from that shame”.

100 years is too small period to eliminate our traces from our historical homeland and people’s memory. Turks efforts to avoid from history are in vain. And all understand this.


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