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Interview with Chairman of NGO Coordination Council “Zinvor” (Soldier) Margarita Khachatryan

– What is the situation of the Defense Ministry’s hospitals today?

– One new hospital is being constructed, in some other hospitals cosmetic renovation work is being done. As a whole the buildings are in normal condition and the doctors can give qualified medical service.

– During the last two call-ups many people addressed your Council. What is the reason?

– The thing is that last April in the Minister’s order on expertise regularities changes were been made. As a result those were called-up who had got extension before. I think that the appropriate instances should better inform the people.

– For the year 2014 the Defense Minister has a new slogan: “In our house – with our rules”. This means the Minister gives importance to the respect and adoption of the army chart in our troops.

– Yes, that’s true, but the Minister emphasizes also the importance to improve relations between the servicemen. He is confident that being a closed system, the army can stand higher the evil which prevails in the society, dictate its morale and ideas to the society.

I think that it is possible to do the most complicated surgery operations. Many excellent doctors work in the army, even they are the best in the region, but we have to strengthen medical service in the military regiments.

Gayaneh Poghosyan

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