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♦ Winter call-up completed in Armenia.

♦ New educational year in the 1st army corpus started with series of planned functions, among them – 5-day commanders’ meeting where commanders and their deputies of corpus’s regiments participated.

♦ In the framework of Armenia-NATO cooperation and NATO-DEEP program retired General from Canada Ernesto B.Beno gave lectures in the Military Institute after V.Sargsyan.

♦ Artsakh Hero Petros Ghevondyan would have been 50 on January 30. On the initiative of the ARM MoD a memory-function was held in the Aram Khachaturyan concert-hall.

♦ In the regiment under the command of Colonel K.Sedrakyan young and talented officers serve. Among them – company Commander Captain Yeprem Nersisyan from Talin.

♦ Captain Yegor Gevorgyan is commander of one of the companies of infantry battalion headed by Major Vigen Mkrtchyan. Now he is the commander of the educational company and works with the recruits. According to him, the newcomers have good physical preparation. Captain Gevorgyan has been already presented for the post of the battalion staff head.

♦ On the occasion of the Armenian Army Day (January 28) numerous functions have been organized in kindergartens, schools and universities of Yerevan and other parts of Armenia.

♦ It is the 90-th anniversary of prominent Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak (1924-1971).

♦ Prominent scientist, academician Nikolay Marr (1864-1934) during his whole life dealt with Armenology, knew Armenian nation very well and not only loved but served it. He studied Armenian cuneiforms, works of Armenian medieval historians Yeghisheh, Yeznik Koghbatsi, Ghazar Parpetsi, Mkhitar Gosh, by his efforts numerous monuments of Armenian culture were saved in 1916.

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