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Book of Ara Marjanyan (candidate of technical sciences, UN national expert) “Social-Economic System of Azerbaijan Republic” has been published recently. This is the logical continuation of his previous book “Virtual Demography of Azerbaijan Republic”.

The book dwells upon Azerbaijan’s petrol sector, main macroeconomic rates, state budget, external trade and military expenses. 80 diagrams and Wikileaks publications on Azerbaijan are also presented.

– The most voluminous part of your book is dedicated to the military expenses of Azerbaijan. Please introduce the full picture.

– If we speak on figures’ language, from 1992-2012 Azerbaijan spent 30 billion dollars for military use. It severely violates international agreements’ basic regulations which it has signed, conceals from international community and its own citizens amounts spent on heavy arms. In Azerbaijan corruption has reached huge scales. In its military (defense) sphere corruption volume in 1992-2012 was 3-5 billion dollars which is more than all the military expenses of Armenia for the last 20 years.


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