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November 3 marks the 70th birthday anniversary of Colonel Valeri Marutyan – the founder of medical services and field surgery of Artsakh, a doctor and a freedom fighter during the war. On November 2 a memorial ceremony was held in the administrative building of the ARM MoD, dedicated to Valeri Marutyan’s heroic life.

The ceremony was attended by Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Seyran Ohanyan, high-ranking military officials, students from military institutions, conscript servicemen, civil society representatives, and relatives and friends in arms of the legendary doctor.

Tribute speeches were given by Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan, Valeri Marutyan’s comrades in arms and writer-publicist Zori Balayan. Recalling various episodes of the Artsakh Liberation war in his speech, Defence Minister appreciated Valeri Marutyan’s role amongst other brave sons of the Armenian nation, highlighting his loyalty to the motherland, and his significance as a role model for the present and upcoming generations. «Thanks to Valeri Marutyan’s exceptional efforts numerous military hospitals were established in Nagorno-Karabagh. During the Artsakh war Valeri Marutyan performed thousands of operations in field hospitals returning more than 8 thousand warriors back to the battle front», – said Defence Minister.

During the ceremony a documentary movie titled «I am giving light to others while burning» was shown shot by the ARM MoD Department of Information and Public Affairs, and dedicated to Valeri Marutyan. The movie represents a humble appreciation of doctor’s work, carried out by an admirable individual and a loyal person to his country.

At the end of the ceremony, by the decree of ARM Minister of Defence Seyran Ohanyan, Valeri Marutyan’s son, Arthur Marutyan was awarded with Jubilee Medal of «20 years of the Armenian Armed Forces», for contribution in development of military-medical services in the Armenian Armed Forces.

It is also remarkable that Valeri Marutyan’s grandson Marut Marutyan, falls in his father’s and Valeri’s steps and carries the work of the legendary doctor. Marut Marutyan currently serves in the Armed Forces as a Lieutenant in military medical services.

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