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Each young man serving in Karvachar speaks proudly about his regiment. Here all are friends and brothers. This is a real combat brotherhood. You assess the combat brotherhood of Armenian soldiers higher when you see the reality in the Azerbaijan army.

The enemy knows that the Armenian soldier would never attack first, would never open fire without any reason. That’s why sometimes they come out of shelter and with their each step try to provoke our soldiers.

The platoon commander told about one incident, which happened a few days ago. One of the observers reported that there is some move in enemy’s point of control. Soon one could see even with unaaided eye how a few Azeris are beating their poor associate, afterwards each of them sat on him and drove as a horse. They came out on an open area to provoke our soldiers to shoot (and afterwards blem Armenians for his murder).

However Armenian soldier shoots only either to shut the enemy or to retaliate.


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