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Major general Semyon Khoren Hakobyan was born in 1956 in Baku, graduated from Ryazan Higher Military Automobile Command (1977), Leningrad Academy of Logistics and transport (1986), cum laude – RF MoD GS military Academy (2000). He is rewarded with numerous state and departmental medals.

S.Hakobyan is a respected man, type of a real militaryman.

– In Afghanistan the service was totally different, there are many hard memories, we were on the verge of life and death. And when now I feel not so well, I embolden myself – remember, you had 1000 times worse days, and surprisingly my soul calms down.

I came to my Homeland. Came and said – I want to serve in Armenia. It was really a difficult and hard period. There was no army, everything was created from zero. I am a serviceman loving discipline, and here… bearded fellows around with different characters, mentality, education. However we all were united with one aim – to eliminate the enemy.


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