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In Azerbaijan they are afraid of collapse of Sarsang reservoir’s cover

These days Azerbaijan Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov has sent a protest-note to the UN General Secretary. There he informs that Armenia sets up in Artsakh new settlements, renovates airport and infrastructure, changes geographical names, intends to build 150 houses in Kubatly region, as well as road Vardenis-Karvachar. Besides Armenia populates Artsakh with Syrian Armenians: in Kashatagh region have been already settled 24 families, in Zangelan – 7, Karvachar – 27.

Azerbaijan Foreign Minister all these considers as “efforts by Armenia to strengthen occupied territories”, which “prevents establishing peace and security in the region”.

This letter is coming to confirm Azerbaijan’s own impotence. Enumerated in the letter steps of the Armenian republics (as well as not enumerated ones) are dictated with the necessity to ensure Artsakh Armenians’ physical security since without establishing full-fledged state Artsakhians cannot survive in vicinity with hostile Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Every year Azerbaijan gloatingly emphasizes Armenia’s poverty, however in front of its eyes Armenian statehood strengthens in Armenia and Artsakh. Gradually such issues enter in the schedule about which we could only dream a few years ago. One of those issues is the use of Sarsang reservoir for agricultural needs of Artsakh.

Arsen Yalanuzyan, Lt.Colonel

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