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On August 3rd in the Amateur and folk arts centre after Hovanes Sharambeyan an exhibition «Symphony of creation» was opened. Works of Fire preparation desk Head (Military Institute after V.Sargsyan) Colonel Sasun Makaryan and senior officer of RA AF Department of work with staff Lieutenant Colonel Soghomon Melikyan were presented.

Sasun Makaryan creates already 16 years. Material for his works is ammunition debris. Each work contains from 10 to 200 debris, which almost are not modified by the author. He presented 23 works.

It is already 15 years that Soghomon Melikyan brings wood from Karvachar, Tonashen, Ijevan, Dilijan and makes his sculptures from it. «The presented unique works – it is a silent dialogue with the nature», – say specialists

Shoushan Stepanyan

Category: #31 (998) 8.08.2013 – 14.08.2013, Spiritual-Cultural, Spotlight