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On July 27, in the “Victory” Park of Yerevan a solemn ceremony was held dedicated to the 19th anniversary of the formation of the Military Institute after V.Sargsyan. Officers’ certificates were handed over to the graduates of the Military Institute after V.Sargsyan, Military-Aviation Institute after Marshal A.Khanperyants, Military-Medical Faculty of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi.

RA Defense Minister S.Ohanyan, RA AF GS Head, Colonel General Yu. Khachaturov, deputies of Defense Minister and GS Head, MoD, AF, AF GS Department Heads, high-ranking servicemen, guests, graduates and students relatives.

It is symbolic that newly-fledged 402 officers got their diplomas and Lieutenant ranks at the ever-burning fire in the “Victory” Park.

Talking with journalists Minister Ohanyan said that seeing young officers he fills up with pride that “RA Armed Forces reached such a level that our own military educational institutions prepare high-level young officers with adequate knowledge, skills and preparation who are essential not only for the army but for our society”.

Photos: of Garik Armenakyan

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