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Interview with RA AF General Staff Deputy Head Lieutenant General Haykaz Baghmanyan

– What has been changed in combat training program the last years? How the process to new armaments adoption and specialists preparation is being organized?

– The last two years a special consideration is given to the commanders’ staff preparation process. It is very important to conduct in depth specialized meetings for mastering modern armaments and military technology.

– Is the RA AF combat training program changes, taking into consideration the enemy’s permanent arming?

– Definitely. The army is a live organism and changes taking into consideration enemy’s arms and tactics. The program all the time is being reviewed and amended.

– Do you study other countries’ combat training experience, as well as Artsakh war experience?

– Yes, of course. Being formed in 1992, the Armenian army naturally uses the rich experience of the Soviet army, as well as Artsakh war. We study also the unique tactical elements of foreign countries.

– Mr. General, How you would characterize the situation on the front line – “sniper war”, “sabotage war” or something else?

– Situation on the front line is dictated by us, however there are cases of cease-fire regime violation from the enemy’s side. I’d like to mention that our snipers give a fitting rebuff to any action of the enemy’s snipers. As for the sabotage groups acts, violating the RA state border, they are discovered on time and rendered harmless.

Samvel Haroutyunyan

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