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Since 2004 in the international peacekeeping actions the peacekeeping brigade of the Armenian national army under the command of Major General Arthur Simonyan has its important role.

– In June, 2001, in the UNI headquarters in New York – tells Deputy Commander Colonel Arthur Yeroyan, – the RA Deputy Foreign Minister signed a Memorandum on the accession of Armenia to the UN peacekeeping actions system, after that the RA AF peacekeeping sub-unit was formed stage by stage. The RA Armed Forces are in the international peacekeeping missions since February, 2004 when 34 Armenian peacekeepers left for Kosovo to join the peacekeeping mission composed of Greek subunit. In January, 2005 the Armenian military group of 45 doctors, sappers and drivers left for Iraq this time composed of Polish subunit.

In January, 2010, on the decision of the Armenian Government our 40 peacekeepers left for Afghanistan to participate in the joint mission of ISAF composed of German troops. Today the group consists of 126 people. In 2007 on the order of the RA Defense Minister the AF peacekeeping battalion was re-formed into a brigade. In 10 years this regiment participated in many international and multinational military exercises both on the territory of Armenia and in other countries and always put high Armenian serviceman’s honour.

In May, 2010 on the decree of the RA President the regiment was rewarded with a flag of honour.

Aram Nersisyan

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