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Colonel Henrik Mouradyan, RA Military Commissioner-in-Charge since June, 2012 tells.

– The first characteristics of the call-up assessment is execution, i.e. recruits’ number and implementation of recruitment plan. The next is the difference between the number of recruits-university graduates or those who are 18 years old. How much is this difference less, that much the call-up was successful. The third is the efficiency of activities to excluding entrance of ill recruits to the army. The next – legality of delay from service. The recruitment plan was fulfilled on 100,07%. 67,5% of university graduates and 18 year-old boys were recruited. Such a high characteristics we didn’t have for the last years.

Now the generation, which was born during the war and after it, will be recruited. For full recruitment we have introduced contract service.

Gayaneh Poghosyan

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