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A new radio-station “Voice of Talishstan” is on air. Head of Iranian studies department (Yerevan State University) Garnik Asatryan tells:

– I can say without exaggeration that we succeeded in realizing the many years dream of our neighbour Talish people – for the first time there are on air radio-programs about their culture, history, language and literature on their mother tongue. Yes, “Voice of Talishstan” was a surprise for Talishes. Years ago such an attempt was made in the city of Rasht in Iran, however it was for a short time and the programs had religious orientation. So “Voice of Talishstan”, which airs from Armenia, is the first and till now the only radio-station on Talish language in the world.

According to some data, Talishes are 3 mln, and 1,5-2 mln live in the southern zone of Azerbaijan Republic. Our programs are broadcasted from Shoushi and cover the southern and northern territories of Talishstan. Our waves are also aimed at living in Azerbaijan Talishes where their culture and language are violated, and they are now in front of the threat of disappearance. Our programs are on northern and central Talish dialects as well as on Azeri language since some part of Talish people have forgotten their language bur still preserve their national identity.

“Voice of Talishstan” is on air almost two weeks, however Azeri mass media started to accuse it in fomentation of separatist movements. They are worried about the fact that Armenians study the language, culture, history of those people who don’t live in Armenia. More absurd accusation it is not possible to think up. Azeris accuse Iran and Russia and try to present the foundation of the radio-station as a result of regional provocations. They think that Armenia is not able to plan and implement such a strategic step of regional importance. Nevertheless, “Voice of Talishstan” speaks about maturity and high level of the Armenian social-political mind.

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