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Excerpt from the interview with Deputy Head of the best regiment of 2012 of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s Army of Defense, Lieutenant Colonel Lernik Asiryan (born in 1970).

– Mr.Asiryan, this year it is 25 years of Artsakh movement, and next year it is 20 years of ceasefire. Till now there is a shooting on the borderline, encounters, wounded and, unfortunately, victims. But as a whole it is peaceful situation. How Artsakh lives today, what are people doing?

-Yes, the ceasefire continues, it is a festive occasion in Artsakh, a new generation has come but the mentality and psychology of people have not changed. For them the main thing is – security of Artsakh. Although all are confident that the army guarantees the country’s security, however here everyone considers himself as a soldier of Homeland and any time can join the army.

Parallel to this Artsakh and Artsakhian try not to fall behind any civilized country, international developments, ideas and principles of state-building. Today the work of the NKR authorities, as well as NGO-s, individuals is aimed at presenting Artsakh to the international community as it is in reality – free, democratic country, developing with values of the civilized world.

Artsakhian has an aspiration for ensuring his wellbeing. Freedom of entrepreneurship allows people to establish, create, to have everything which is essential to the family and state. Agriculture has been and remains the primary sphere of the economy of our country. In front of our eyes the country develops, new houses, quarters, hotels, schools, culture-houses are being built. Production and trade also develop. We – Artsakhians more and more feel the taste of freedom and independence, importance of democracy.

Aram Nersisyan

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