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The 5th annual international show “DigiTech” was organized by Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex on the support of the Education & Science Ministry on the theme “The use of innovative methods and resolutions, IT and instruments in the educational system”.

The show’s results were finalized on February 8, and the winners got prizes. In the show schools from Artsakh, Javakhq and Armenia participated. 800 applications were received on 13 nominations.

The aim of the show was to activate the use of technologies of the future in the education system creating virtual laboratories, sites, blogs, online TV, educational computer games, robots, media-libraries, e-books, Smart lessons.
“DigiTech-2013” Director Srbouhi Aghababyan mentioned that during years the quality of works has been raised and now it is difficult to choose the best.

On the order of the Defense Minister the Sebastatsi educational complex was awarded with Certificate of honour and a valuable gift for the effective use of IT in the educational process and stimulation of innovative skills in the students.

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