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Admiral Hernan Kuyumjyan from Chili is in his homeland for the second time. He is one of the founders of the Chili Fleet, serves 44 years, from them 10 – as an Admiral.

“Everywhere Armenians should be the best. When I return to Chili, I’ll tell them how Armenia has developed, reached success especially in the military sphere. Armenian army is young but it already has its history with living heroes. It is very important that Armenian youth can see its heroes, be proud of them.

Today the world changes rapidly, and not only in the sphere of technologies. We are “bombarded” with all kinds of propaganda which is a threat for loosing identity and system values. We must defend our youth to keep our identity. Armenia should continue to develop and prosper. It is essential to develop long-term projects to preserve Armenian identity and transfer Armenian spirit to generations. I am delighted with the preparation and abilities of the Armenian armed forces. I want only one thing – that Armenia has exit to sea as soon as possible”.

Shoushan Stepanyan

Category: #05 (972) 7.02.2013 – 13.02.2013, Army and Society, Spotlight