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On December 10th in the RA MoD museum “Mayr Hayastan” (Mother Armenia) a function was held dedicated to the 21-st anniversary of death of liberation soldier Hamlet Minasyan. On the function dignitaries were present: Artsakh Hero Major Ggeneral A.Ter-Tadevosyan (Komandos), former Head of Intelligence Department Colonel I.Ghukasov, “Goyamart” NGO Chairman S.Ghazaryan, “Small Mher” Educational Complex Head Colonel A.Mouradyan, Colonel R.Bakhshyan.

Hamlet Minasyan was born in 1958 in Mary (Turkmenistan). “Since childhood he was dreaming of military career, – recalls his father Lazar, – In 1979 he was graduated from High Military-Engineering College of Kamenets-Podolsk (Ukraine)”. He served in Echmiadzin, Nakhichevan, Kamchatka, Chita, Orjonikidze. In 1985 he returned to Armenia, and all-Armenian movement in 1988 opened a new page in Minasyan’s biography. When military actions started in bordering regions of Armenia and in Artsakh, the former soldier went to front, took part in many military operations.

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