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On November 27th in the big hall of the Writers’ Union presentation of Aspram Tsarukyan’s 2-volume book “For Your Immortality…” was held. The book is dedicated to the perished soldiers of the Artsakh war. War participants, perished soldiers’ mothers, writers, journalists, servicemen, public figures were present.

Information & PR Department Deputy Head Felix Poghosyan frankly confessed that he read each page with emotions and once more endured the war. His comrades-in-arms are mentioned in the book, 20 of them he knew personally: “The writer is frank. There is no a single made-up, unreal image in the book. Each guy’s character is presented with mastery, showing their human merits”.

Aspram Tsarukyan in her gratitude speech mentioned that the idea of the book was born yet in war years when she was going to Karvachar, Shoushi, Stepanakert and writing about the warriors: “They were simple, courageous, bright guys. It was a big honour for me to interact with them before battle. Usually they were singing, smiling. Sometimes it seemed to me that they behave so lively because of the presence of a journalist but my friend said that they always go to fight in such a mood. I love my heroes. I admired their heroic spirit. I hope that tomorrow our sons will use this documentary material and create more powerful works”.

Shoushan Stepanyan

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