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The myth about Azerbaijan petroleum gradually vanishes. In the so called “petroleum country” there will be no oil any more. The Azeris presented petroleum waste products as petroleum, and on that fraud Baku-Jeyhan pipeline was constructed. The West now has no intention to be cheated any more.

The main petroleum resources were taken out from Azerbaijan yet during the period of Russian Empire. It was long back when oil fields were discovered on 300m depth. Today in the whole world this level has dropped till 5000m and deeper. To discover oil and to run oil fields serious investments and technical needs are needed.

Today oil fields in Azerbaijan are being run mercilessly. They dug and continue to dig with off-spec drifts saving on valuable materials and essential means.

Ara Mouradyan

Category: #47 (963) 2911.2012 – 5.12.2012, News, Spotlight, Region