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Interview with Lt. Colonel Sergey Aghajanyan, Head of Recruitment Division, Central territorial military registration office, Deputy Head of Military Commissar

– This question worries many people. Are the all-army trainings linked with possible war?

– No. Today war is as probable as it was 2-3 years ago. These trainings were planned yet last year. And I don’t think that threat of war or the possibility of war could cause panic among our people.

– Do people readily participate in the all-army trainings? Were there cases of refusal?

– Basically people participated with readiness, we conducted guidance work. They understood that these trainings are an essential function to ensure the country’s defense capability. However there were people liable for call-up with various social problems which, naturally, caused obstacles. There were a few cases of refusal, those materials were sent to appropriate legal instances to make them answerable.

– How many days was the duration of the trainings?

– There were two groups: 1-day and 5-day. 1-day group participants visited military registration office, got instructions, after they were taken to their regiments where their documents were checked, registered, and they returned home. 5-day group participants assembled in the military registration office, then went to a regiment. There they were given uniform, ammunition and trainings were conducted according to a program. Soldiers, sergeants, warrant officers till 50 years old and officers till 55 years old participated in the trainings.


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