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Armenian Apostolic Church’s Shirak diocese leader Ter Michael bishop Ajapahyan on the occasion of the Military Aviation Day received military aviation base staff. He congratulated them with their professional holiday and expressed his confidence that our armed forces will keep our airspace inviolable.

Base Commander Lt. Colonel A.Nersesyan, Head of Staff Lt. Colonel G.Vartanyan and other guests introduced their working life and military aviation’s specifics and assured that they will never leave without answer enemy’s any attempt of encroachment.

The next day Diocese leader took part in the holiday parade and solemn function. High-ranking officers of the Military Aviation Department, servicemen family members as well as command staff of the Russian military base dislocated in Gyumri were also present.

RA AF Aviation Department’s head of Staff Gagick Aslanyan took the parade.

Yester Grigoryan

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