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On June 21 the Artsakh war participant, “Liberation Army” detachment’s commander Leonid Azgaldyan’s 20th death anniversary was marked. On this occasion his comrades-in-arms and friends, just citizens laid a wreath on his monument located in the corner of Khorenatsi Street and Mashtots Avenue, visited his grave, after that a celebration in honour of L.Azgaldyan was held in “Moscow” cinema, the film “Soil’s Colour” was screened made in his memory which starts with the following words: “This is Armenia, it is the size which I can easily place in my heart”.

Documentary shots show the hero of our days Leonid Azgaldyan who was not a warrior of war but peace with high physical and spiritual qualities. When in 1988 peaceful demonstrations were held in Yerevan, Leonid’s astute mind understood that the country could be liberated only through armed struggle. He starts to make rockets himself and then founds a voluntary detachment selecting 300 warriors. He led perfectly and completed with victory 200 military operations, liberating Armenian lands.

Participants of the function are sure that Leonid Azgaldyan should be given the rank of the National Hero of Armenia, all the more so people long ago consider himself as a hero. They are planning to appeal to the country’s authorities with this proposal.

Shoushan Stepanyan

Category: #25 (941) 28.06.2012 – 4.07.2012, Army and Society