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A shooting training dedicated to the RA AF 20th anniversary was organized in the 5th army corps firing ground by the patriotic NGO “Armenian Eagles”. Besides members of the organization’s 200 branches, representatives of mass media also participated.

– Each journalist at least once a year should substitute his pen and camera with a gun to defend the Armenian state’s borders if needed, to ensure our people’s security, – told Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth Issues, Chairman of “Armenian Eagles” NGO Khachik Asryan.

Military unit’s Commander Major General K.Qochunts emphasized that these functions which have become a tradition are the result of the close cooperation between NGOs, mass media and MOD. Today we shoot in peace conditions to be ready to rebuff the enemy any moment.

Shoushan Stepanyan

Category: #25 (941) 28.06.2012 – 4.07.2012, Army and Society, News, Spotlight