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On May 24, 14 Yezidi-Karabakh war participants were awarded with “20-th anniversary of Armenian Army” Jubilee medals by the RA Ministry of Defense.

According to Chairman of the Yezidis Union Aziz Tamoyan, “Yezidis are age-old friends of the Armenian nation. It was our duty to participate in the movement in the name of our country, our friendship, which has deep roots. Our war hasn’t finished yet. If needed, we’ll again fight for Artsakh”.

Garnick Asatryan, Head of Iranian Studies Chair, Yerevan State University, was also awarded with “20-th anniversary of Armenian Army” Jubilee medal, those days his Chair was the headquarters of the Yezidis.

“The first days of the war in Zovouni village a big meeting of Yezidi intelligentsia and clergy was gathered. They decided to set up a headquarters which was situated in the Iranian Studies Chair and functioned for 5 months. Collection of weapons started. We could find 3 guns. By the way one of them belonged to Fatlabek, son of Jahangir Aga, who participated in Sardarapat battle and was Army Commander Andranik’s companion-in-arms. During the war this headquarter send to war hundreds of Yezidis, 40 of them perished. In modern history Yezidi’s role has not been fully investigated and assessed, we should work on this issue. It was very rare that other nationalities participated in our national fights. It is noteworthy to mention that Yezidis consider themselves as inseparable part of the Armenians even abroad”, – said Garnick Asatryan.

Shoushan Stepanyan

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