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9th of May has another name – Shoushi liberation day. 70 years ago the Azeris illegally took away the Armenian lands and wanted to possess them forever turning out the Armenians from Artsakh. However the proud Artsakh Armenian rose to become the master of his faith.

The liberation of Shoushi became the culmination of that war, the powerful charge which strengthened the Artsakh self-defense forces to reach final victory. That was the victorious baptism of those forces and confirmed the farsighted behest of General Dro – “who possesses Shoushi, possesses Karabakh”.

On May 8, 1992, being in the battle-front, Vazgen Sargsyan stated: “What is going on in Artsakh – it is a miracle”.

And really that was a miracle… And such a victory! Liberation of Shoushi was such a brilliant operation that yet for a long time will cause surprise and admiration of military experts. It was so significant that on the decision of NKR National Assembly of May 7, 1994 a medal “For Shoushi liberation” was created, a worthy award for those who liberated the ancient city-fortress, the homeland of such prominent Armenians like Leo, Mouratsan, Hayk Gyoulikyokhvyan, Alexander Melik-Pashayan etc.

Shoushi liberation became possible owing to skillfully prepared tactics, huge staff work, strong interconnection between the commanders of all levels, military craftiness and of course voluntary detachments soldiers’ selflessness and patriotism.

The day of Shoushi liberation – May 9, 1992 was declared as the day of Artsakh Defense Army foundation. Today this army is a powerful army with its discipline and organization, modern army arms and ammunition, high-level military exercises, ready to resist the enemy.

9th of May, it is a significant day for us, and it has its behest. That is the behest of peace, behest to live, create freely, to improve own homeland.


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