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The first days of May Azeri mass media yelled with big enthusiasm about the record sum of the Armed Forces Support Fund – 25mln Azeri Manats ($32mln). In reality the information on Funds activities spread by the Azerbaijan Defense Ministry only limits with the publications about the collected funds. Since its foundation – August 17, 2002, till now there is no any information about the purposes of the Fund.

The Fund’s not transparency and the fact that Azerbaijan is one of the most corrupted states of the world, give reasons to suppose that those funds are not used as intended.

The Fund was founded by the state on behalf of the country’s president. It is very surprising that sinking in petrodollars Azerbaijan every year spends billions of dollars to organize some eurovisions and to build in Baku tens of skyscrapers, for AF assistance collects money from common people.

Poor Azeris… The teachers of Azerbaijan were simply robbed when without any explanation 10 Manats (almost $12,5) were cut from their salary for the Eurovision Fund.

Tigran Abrahamyants

Category: #18 (934) 10.05.2012 – 16.05.2012, News, Spotlight, Military-Political