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The 1877-78 Russian-Turkish war inspired the Armenians. In the Armenian press the essay writers were expressing their assuredness that with the Russian weapon’s victory Western Armenia will be freed from the Turkish tyranny. However Armenian prominent writer Raffi did not share overall enthusiasm having no hope on the consequences of the war. He was sure that freedom is not given from the heaven, each nation should conquer it only with its own forces.

“If the man is not capable of self-defense, he has no right for life”, – Raffi was saying strongly criticizing the conservative mentality having deep roots in the Armenian psyche.

“We have a history, – says Raffi, – a 850-year old history of how the Turk treated us. Its each line is written with blood and tears. Who renounces his history, he puts himself the seal of his blame… The Turk today is an uncouth barbarian but after getting civilized it will become an educated bandit, and then he will be more dangerous”.

Arthur Mkrtchyan

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