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These days the Iranian newspaper “Shargh” (Orient) which is the most favourite newspaper among the Iranian intelligentsia and has almost half million circulation, reprinted the interview of legendary Armenian intelligence agent, Soviet Union Hero Gevorg Vardanyan from “Hay Zinvor” – “My time is yet to come” (№ 41, 2010г.). The prominent agent speaking on the glorious history of the Armenian nation and creative present, at the same time praised the victorious Armenian Army and its command.

Below is the corresponding part of the interview.

– Our army goes forward and I’m glad for that. The authorities of the army are skilled men, patriots of their work. From the far I constantly follow the development of our army. It is really strong, we have really an organized army. I believe in strength, spirit of our soldier. Our nation is a firm human sort, it don’t bend, don’t break. It is difficult to put us on knees. We always have preferred worthy life. This was the Armenian before, this is today the Armenian soldier. He defends our present and future.

In the context of the complicated and tensed situation in the region and the deepening of the Armenian-Iranian relations the Azeri political analysts and intelligentsia’s anxiety for their country and people is understandable. “The Azeri army is weaker than the Armenian army, – told Azeri political analyst Zardusht Alizadeh to the Iranian site “Arannews”. – In this case what we can do in front of the Iranian army which can take Baku in only 12 hours?”

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