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On March 27 RA Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan met the participants of the program “Pages of history and culture” initiated by the Defense Ministry Public Council. 163 specialists of history and culture – scientists, artists, historians from 14 well-known scientific-educational institutions of the republic have taken part in the program “Pages of history and culture”, being realized for already two years and aimed at raising the national consciousness and the sense of duty before the fatherland among the servicemen.

Marking the role and significance of the project in the military-patriotic education of the servicemen, Seyran Ohanyan assured the participants that the visits to the military units within the framework of the project, convey a great cultural-spiritual enthusiasm to our soldiers and officers. According to the Minister, the visits of experienced specialists of culture, education and science are very expected for the soldiers, as the speech of the intellectuals is inspiring and instructive.
“Our army is well-established and strong”, – has been assured Ashot Melkonyan, Director of the National Academy of Sciences Institute of History after the visits to military units and getting acquainted with the routine and worries of the soldiers. “I am not able not to believe to what I have seen” –he said.

The aim of the designed comprehensive program is to provide education in patriotic spirit for the soldiers, to deepen and strengthen the society-army-youth connection. And according to the Minister, this program successfully serves to its aims.
At the end of the meeting, Minister Seyran Ohanyan handed over departmental awards to some specialists of history and culture having taken part in the program.

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